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Voice Acting Update! Lots of anime this time!

Posted by Jakoshi - January 16th, 2020

Hey all. I have a really bad habit of not making posts enough on this wonderful site, so I decided to update my voice acting progress!

Last year was a real banger for me. I was blessed to be a part of many different anime shows. I wanted to showcase them all here!


I recorded for all of these last year. I rarely update my Newgrounds page so this post was necessary! It's unreal to me because a few years ago I "officially" set out on my voice acting journey and I've been blessed with accomplishment after some very intense grinding. The whole way I have found the Newgrounds community to be as supportive as ever. Truly my favorite website and community, you guys are the best! <3


For voice acting inquiries, you can DM me here, but Twitter might be the fastest way to reach me. Alternatively you can drop me a line on my site.


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Congratulations to you man! I've heard anime is a great market for those looking to get into VA. Still trying my best to get my foot in the door in the VA world, but I'll continue to grind until I get my break. You're an inspiration!

Thank you dude!! Anime can be a great way to start if you're in an area that hosts such opportunities - otherwise you'll need to do what I did and move. I ended up taking a lot of classes from the veteran directors and actors at FUNimation from all the classic shows and more to hone my abilities. That was the best step I took. Those guys know how to teach.

If you want to become a successful voice actor, I plea with you: DO IT. Recognize that it will be difficult, but the only ones who don't make it are the ones who quit. It's super competitive so you really gotta give it your all, over and over. I felt like quitting many times but I knew I wanted this. Success stories are easier to make if you're truly serious about something.


Congratulations. It feels good to see someone's hard work paying off.

Thank you dude!!! It's been a tough road for sure. But it's taught me that hard work definitely pays off if you keep challenging yourself more and more.

Congratulations. Just be careful, Some people can be really mean in the Voiceover Community. Just remember to stay your cool and never give up! I’ve been in scary situations in the past, I hope you don’t face the same experiences I did. Just keep at it and you will achieve greatness. Also, If you want There might be a project that I might need some VAs in the future. if you're interested please Contact me ASAP.

I've definitely encountered some rude individuals in my travels, but they're not the ones you end up focusing on. Thank you for the kind words! I could say the same to you - if there's something you want to do in your life, set out and do it! With enough time and effort it will become reality.


also that was supposed to be a fist bump emoji at the end, not "UH GO FOR IT I THINK?"