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I uploaded a submission 50 minutes after this was uploaded. Not complaining, but I didn't stand a chance for Daily First Place! You continue to outdo yourself with these man. I genuinely appreciate the laughs I get from watching your content and I've been sharing this masterpiece with all my friends. I can't stop watching it!

Keep these works of art coming dude!

meatcanyon responds:

That was very kind of you to say. Don’t stop uploading more toons! The world needs more of em!

Kudos for making me laugh with the amazing originality man! The colors and character designs were great as well!

This series is still absolutely golden and I thank Max for it as well as his other awesome content he's put out over the years.

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It's good, but...

The last boss battle was unnecessary. What's that? Who cares? Well I do, of course. And while I fully expect everyone to rate this review as "useless", I am not saying anything wrong. All I'm saying is that nowadays, Christians are fucked with way too much, and it was enjoyable up until that point. It's like the old Kung Fu, if not slightly harder due to using keys instead of buttons and whatnot, with added music and, of course, Turbo Man.

So anyway, I liked it until the last boss battle. I know that anybody who reads this is probably annoyed that I'm actually speaking out about it and I sound like a radical missionary for Christianity due to today's media bullshit, but I'm just stating my opinion. Merry Christmas, not Happy fucking holidays.

The best Flash game I've ever played.

Maybe it's just because I'm a huge Mario fan, but this is the greatest game I have ever seen. You, sir, are a true programmer and should seriously consider a career in this kind of thing if you haven't already. There are too many great aspects to this game to fit into one review; a full story line, level designer... This game is great. It feels like something Nintendo would actually make, if they combined Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.


Here are a couple of improvements that I would suggest: make all the characters faster, make the other team spawn at their own base and rush all at once and have more armor than you; that way it would be more of a challenge. I've actually tried making Flash games, and programming is very, very difficult and complex, so I realize that making a perfect game takes a huge amount of effort. But if you're open to suggestions, those are mine.

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Hey I was sick at the same time that you were...


This is terrible...

...is what I would say if this was terrible.

Seeing as it is not terrible, I shall not say such a thing and shall, instead, say the opposite.


Very nice music.

This sounds like a battle theme or something that would involve some sort of showdown. It's really great music.

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Nice work dude!!! Color, lighting, perspective, posing, composition... This has awesome written all over it!

It's good, but...

...the boobs need to be bigger. Not only to resemble how Egoraptor draws her more, but also because you can never go wrong with big boobs. NEVER.

It's a simple formula, really. The bigger the boobs, the better.

Anyway, you actually put a lot of effort into this drawing, and it is in your own style, so I can't say much against it. Besides the boob size.

Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

I really didn't take that long to draw XD It was more of a sketch than anything... i'm not used to drawing big boobs.


I'd trust it. That's some quality sculpting; just look at that perfect arch. It takes some quality architecture to complete a job like this. Yeah, everything here looks legit.

Animator & Voice Actor who has recorded for anime and video games including FUNimation, Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, and many others.
For voice work I use a AKG C214 with a Scarlett 2i2 in a fully treated space.

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