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bright and adorable - love the energy on this one

devoidgazer responds:

aha I'm flattered! Thank you

Saw this in the NG Podcast discord. Had to look it up to rate it because this is sick as hell. I love so much about this that I simply can't find the words for. Even if it's meant to be funny or cartoony, it's a legitimate work of art because of the feelings it instills in the audience. And I see a lot of really cool techniques applied throughout the whole piece, you obviously know what you're doing as an artist. Great job man

Nice work dude!!! Color, lighting, perspective, posing, composition... This has awesome written all over it!

It's good, but...

...the boobs need to be bigger. Not only to resemble how Egoraptor draws her more, but also because you can never go wrong with big boobs. NEVER.

It's a simple formula, really. The bigger the boobs, the better.

Anyway, you actually put a lot of effort into this drawing, and it is in your own style, so I can't say much against it. Besides the boob size.

Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

I really didn't take that long to draw XD It was more of a sketch than anything... i'm not used to drawing big boobs.


I'd trust it. That's some quality sculpting; just look at that perfect arch. It takes some quality architecture to complete a job like this. Yeah, everything here looks legit.

Ross is gay

is what I would say if Ross was gay.

This picture is so beautiful that I managed to get a hard enough erection to where I could suck my own penis. I mean seriously, holy fuck, that's not even fucking possible. I can suck my own dick right now because it's right in front of my mouth. I could get into the fucking Guinness Book of World Fucking Records for this shit. This is fucking unbelievable. Am I dreaming, pinch me. Ow. I am not dreaming. Holy Goddamn piece of fuck. Thank you, Egoraptor. I can suck my own fucking dick now. No other man in the history of history has ever been able to say that. Well, at least no other man who has had a full fucking rib cage and had his penis attached to his body has been able to say that. Fucking thank you. Thank you so Goddamn fucking much. I wish I could rate this review more than 10 out of 10 stars... something like "I can suck my own dick now thanks to this picture" out of 10 stars instead. Fucking fuck. Thank you.

What can I say?

It looks good. Mario looks cartoony-good, and Luigi looks anime/realistic-good. Nice, smooth drawing, nice shading, nice proportionality. It's all good.

This is simply amazing.

Holy goatshit mixed with butter, this picture made me jizz into my own mouth. Wow. I never realized how bad jizz tastes.

Anyway, the quality of this picture is excellent, everything is proportional, the characters are drawn nicely. You drew the chick perfectly; I can never get those boobs right. I tend to make them too big. Way too big. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing... ;)

This picture = Great.

This is simply amazing.

The way that you captured a single moment of time in this image and the high quality and attention to detail simply astounds me. This image has changed my definition of true art. Never in my life have I ever seen something so truly beautiful. This work is utterly inspiring. When I woke up this morning, I was a mere art critic, roaming throughout each day trying to find a purpose in life. But this picture, this image, has changed me. I must thank you for giving me the sacred gift of viewing this wonderful illustration of all things consecrated and cherished... Thank you limitlessly, my good sir. I am in your debt. I once was lost, but now am found. Thank you.

flyingmonkeywarrior responds:



Everything about this is perfect - the coloring, shading, and design. There is no flaw in this picture. Great job.

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