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truly a work of art

Potatoman responds:

Thankyou babe ;)

I uploaded a submission 50 minutes after this was uploaded. Not complaining, but I didn't stand a chance for Daily First Place! You continue to outdo yourself with these man. I genuinely appreciate the laughs I get from watching your content and I've been sharing this masterpiece with all my friends. I can't stop watching it!

Keep these works of art coming dude!

meatcanyon responds:

That was very kind of you to say. Don’t stop uploading more toons! The world needs more of em!

Kudos for making me laugh with the amazing originality man! The colors and character designs were great as well!

This series is still absolutely golden and I thank Max for it as well as his other awesome content he's put out over the years.

Absolutely flawless and incredible. You are truly inspirational, and this must've taken an overwhelming amount of work. But it paid off, you talented son of a gun, you.

Damn, Jazza. You've come a long way.

Just watched your video "How to Draw Poses" from your YouTube channel and decided to take a look at your old work. To see you come from such humble beginnings to where you are now is inspiring. Good job and thanks for all the inspiration man.

omg this isnt funy this is fucking stupid not al bronies are liket hat fucking faggot fuck u good lock geting a girlfrend LOL FAG

On a real note I found it to be hilarious and captured bronies quite well. Good job.

Speedo responds:

And I Will Now Make Extremely Obvious Alternate Accounts To Further Show My Hatred For This Flash!!!

This is comedy at its best.

The animation was wonderful, but what really got me was the voice acting. It was superb and some of the best I've heard on Newgrounds.

Hard to describe...

The animation was not stellar; but it was not bad, despite what people may think. Some parts show that your animation skills are great, and others are not BAD but are... lacking. Despite that, humor is everywhere, and any Contra fan can find this to be hilarious.

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