Voice Acting Junk

2017-09-15 02:14:10 by Jakoshi


I took a class with Sonny Strait (voice of Krillin, Lupin the 3rd, Korosensei) and it was awesome to learn under his belt. And now, I have a demo to show for it!

My demo can be found at my site here. This is after several voice-over classes and training workshops, a few of which included some of the lovely people from FUNimation. Over the past year I've done a few things here and there, many of which include projects I can't talk about yet. But I'll have more to show for myself soon!

It's almost Halloween time, and I'm hungry for voice-acting work. I don't animate nearly as much as I'd like to, but that's because I need a new Wacom and the MobileStudio Pro is... way out of my price range. One day though!

Anyway it's time for me to get to work on voice acting, so I'm posting here on my favorite content site to have a go at it. That Halloween contest deadline is coming up in a month and a half, so time is ticking!

A few updates

2016-10-13 06:12:00 by Jakoshi

Been a while since I've been active here, but I'm back. I've been busting ass voice acting, going from cluelessly making my own crappy demos on my site to attending workshops with the Funimation crew.

I don't animate like I used to (between work, voice acting, and life, there's simply not enough time) but every now and then I'll hop back on for quick scene work. Unforuntately I haven't finished any projects in recent years so I can't showcase my skill increase as seen here.

If you ever find yourself in doubt pursuing a passion, stopping is the first and only ingredient for failure. In my own life I have been hitting obstacles for years, and I have finally begun to strike success after a war-torn journey of confusion and hopelessness. Giving up is not an option and doing so only wastes your time - PRACTICE and study and dedicate your time to a passion every day and you will find your niche with it.

This week I'm moving to Dallas to pursue more voice acting opportunities, so life is finally getting exciting. With that being said I can't wait to show the world what I've got!


After a year and a half of waiting and one year of putting it off, I finally present to you my second animation, Office Time! Give it a watch and tell me what you think! I hope it's as funny as how lonely I am.





Starting my career!

2013-10-02 03:08:13 by Jakoshi

Hey all.

So I doubt many of you know me, seeing as I've only submitted two projects onto this site. But I've been an avid Newgrounds user since around 2000, and I really feel like this site is a home for my creativity. Over the years I've been inspired from classic flash animations and artists that have continued my drive for making a career in animation and voice acting. Well I feel it necessary to announce that I am beginning to take hold of opportunities to complete that. Through some lucky streaks and connections, as well as a LOT of practice, I am about to embark on a number of voice roles for television shows. Many details I can't mention, due to NDA contracts and such, but I have obtained voice roles for a children's show, a connection with Shonen Jump, and (if all goes well) the production of a new show to premiere on adult swim. In my short span of kickstarting all of this I've talked to Hollywood executives and voice actors, and I can say that my quest is about to become legit as hell. I've had some VERY lucky breaks.

In saying all of this, I'd just like to say thank you Newgrounds, Tom Fulp and all; you have been a recurring source of inspiration and interest in my passions. If I get good enough at animating (still have some work to go there) then I'd love to submit more content and share my creative drive with the site that I held close all these years.

Starting my career!

First cartoon is up

2012-04-29 04:26:14 by Jakoshi

We gained an enormous amount of experience on every part of the animation process from this project. A lot of experimentation was involved and all of our future projects will shine in comparison, but this is our first completed toon and we hope it can give people a taste of our humor.

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/594653?upd ated=1


2009-10-15 18:08:07 by Jakoshi

Let's all go sign up for some Dungeons & Dragons Online, bitches.


Put dispenser here

2008-12-28 03:42:20 by Jakoshi

My laptop broke.